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• Official dates and hours for the 2014 West Austin Studio Tour are the weekends of May 10-11 & 17-18, 11am-6pm

• WEST encompasses the area west of I-35, east of Mopac, south of 183, and north of Highway 71/Loop 360

• Participation fee: $170.00

• Key Dates:
     Open Call: January 13 - February 17, 2014
     Fellowships: Deadline to apply is February 10, 2014
     Group Show: April 12, 2014

To ensure that you are applying correctly, please review the following category descriptions and select the one that is right for how you’re going to participate in WEST. Please keep in mind that WEST is a curated project and all applications will be reviewed before being accepted. If you are not accepted, you will be reimbursed $160.00 (Full payment less a $10 processing fee).

This category is strictly for the work spaces where artists create their art. This may include home studios, spaces in larger studio complexes, or stand-alone commercial studios.


• Artists & Studios must be open both weekends of the tour from 11am – 6pm.

• Artists & Studios must be free to the public.

• Artists & Studios must contribute to the marketing and promotion of EAST via Facebook, twitter, blog and/or email.

• Artists who don’t work within the boundaries of WEST are allowed to join Artists & Studios participants on the tour as a Guest Artist.

     • Guest Artists must make all arrangements with a host studio before submitting an application.

     • Host studios MUST be official WEST Participants.

     • Guest Artists must complete their own application.

     • Residential studios may only have a maximum of 6 Guest Artists in accordance with City code.

There are two subcategories within Exhibition Spaces. Permanent Exhibition Spaces are established art venue whose objective is to exhibit visual art or performances, but are not artist studios. This may include galleries, theatres, or museums. Temporary Exhibition Spaces are “pop-up” exhibition at a location that is not a gallery, theatre or museum. This category is for non-traditional spaces planning an event specifically for the WEST weekends.

If you are an artist showing your work at an exhibition space, you can fill out an application as an Exhibiting Artist only if the exhibition space has also applied.


• Exhibitions must be open both weekends of the tour from 11am – 6pm.

• Exhibitions must be free to the public.

• Exhibiting Artists must make all arrangements with a host exhibition space before submitting an application.

This category is for arts-based projects that don't fit the model of a studio or exhibition space. It might include installations, temporary or permanent public art, happenings, celebrations, competitions, educational programming, or anything else you can dream up! Curatorial priority will be given to applications that are well-developed with a strong artistic theme.


• Happenings may have unique hours. Times can stray from the tour hours (11am-6pm), but must occur during the WEST weekends.

• Happenings must be free to the public.

• All details, (ei, artists involved, dates, locations) must be determined before the application deadline of February 17th or it will not be considered.

Select Events are projects/events that have an art focus that would be done in collaboration with Big Medium that benefit both parties, financially or ideologically. If you are interested in partnering with us to put on such an event, please send an email with a description of your idea to: with the subject line, Select Events Proposal. Please send by February 17th.

Applicants with financial limitations may apply for a fellowship to receive partial or full financial support to cover the participation fee. The deadline to apply for a fellowship will fall earlier than the general deadline to allow us adequate time to process applications. When applying, you will be asked to explain briefly your reasons for needing assistance and we’ll allot funding to the applicants who appear the most in need of aid. If you are not awarded a fellowship, you may still participate, but you will need to pay the full fee by February 17 to be included in WEST.
Deadline to apply is February 10, 2014

Please do not apply as a participant of WEST if you are seeking to advertise a non arts-related event or business as a stop on the tour. We appreciate your desire to be involved and invite you to invest in the success of the tour and promote what you do to a huge audience by becoming an WEST sponsor or advertiser.

• Participants are responsible for their own insurance, but are not required to have a policy to be included in WEST.

• Artists maintain copyrights to their own artwork. WEST reserves the right to reproduce artwork for promotional purposes in print and online.

• Big Medium reserves the right to reject any application for any reason whatsoever.

• WEST is an all-weather event. Except in the case of emergencies, all Participants must be open during their specified hours of WEST.

Before you begin the application please be ready to provide the following:

• Basic information (Category, Name, Studio Name, Address, etc.)

• Exhibition or Happening specifics (confirmed location, artist(s), concept, etc.)

• Accessibility information about your location for disabled persons

• Participation fee payment of $170

• 3 high resolution images that accurately represent your artwork or space


•Please name image files accordingly: FIRST NAME, LAST NAME and IMAGE # (e.g.: shea_little_1.jpg).

• JPEG ("Quality" set to Maximum).

• 300dpi for print.

• Images must be at least 5” wide

• The total size of all 3 files combined cannot exceed 20MB.

• Horizontally oriented images are not required, but are STRONGLY SUGGESTED in order to maximize your allotted space. This is due to the new layout of multiple artists per page.

• No logos, please! Do not submit images with text overlaid on the image, or images with multiple pictures collaged together to fit more images into one.

• Do not use your camera phone or computer to photograph your work. The images will not be print quality.

• Blurry or poor depictions of art will not be printed or put on the website, nor will images taken in poor lighting or with very distracting surroundings.

• Do not submit hard copy images/photographs or original artwork.

Once again we’re doing all we can to make the 2014 West Austin Studio Tour an exciting and inspiring experience for participants and tour-goers alike. Please contact us at if you have any questions. Ready to apply? Just click the link below to begin the application process...