About West

Big Medium’s West Austin Studio Tour (West) is a free, annual, self-guided art event spanning across two weekends in May. West provides opportunities for the public to meet the makers: the local artists and artisans who drive Austin’s vibrant creative culture.

In its 5th edition, West features 205 Artist Studios, 53 Galleries, 62 Temporary Exhibitions, 4 Happenings, and 12 Partner Programs. This website serves as an overview of tour stops and a schedule of events. It is intended to help tour-goers hand-pick their West experiences, particularly while using mobile devices. The West mobile website is a free online companion to the West catalog.

Dates and Times

West includes five participant categories: Artist Studios, Galleries, Temporary Exhibitions, Happenings, and Partner Programs.

Artist Studios, Galleries, and Temporary Exhibitions are free and open on the weekends of May 14-15 & 21-22 from 11am–6pm. Happenings are also free and occur on the weekends of May 14-15 & 21-22 with varying hours. Partner Programs happen within and around tour weekends, and some may have costs associated.


West of I-35
East of Mopac
South of Hwy 183
North of William Cannon

What to See

Artist Studios
This is where the creativity begins. For many of these spaces, this is the one time of year that you can get a special glimpse into the inspiration, process, and techniques of the artist. In this category, you can see home studios, spaces in larger studio complexes, or stand-alone commercial studios.

This category is for established art venues with regular gallery programming. These spaces are committed to exhibiting art year-round, supporting artists with opportunities to share their work and vision with the public in a dedicated space.

Temporary Exhibitions
Temporary Exhibitions include pop-up shows, often created specifically for West. In this category, you can see exhibitions in warehouse spaces, empty homes, libraries, small businesses, and other unconventional venues.

Happenings are time-based art events. This category may include performances, workshops, opening receptions, installations, and art-themed parties. Be sure to check the date and time for each Happening.

Partner Programs
Partner Programs serve to educate our community about the fellow organizations and businesses who support the arts year-round in Austin. Partner Programs includes a variety of offerings, such as special events by art organizations, private tours, and fundraisers that support the future of West. Be sure to check the date and time for each Partner Program, as well as instructions on reservations or entry fees.


Under each West participant listing is their location’s accessibility information. Each number represents a di erent feature that is available at the participant’s location. The numbers correspond to the list below. If the number is listed, it means that the West participant has veri ed this accessibility feature is available at their space.

1 Official parking for the disabled
2 Entrance and Interior : Minimum 32" wide doorway clearance space
3 Entrance: Entryway without stairs
4 Entrance: Entryway with a ramp
5 Entrance: No lip entryway
6 Interior: Accessible path around studio with minimum 36" width
7 Restrooms: Entryway with minimum 36" wide clearance space
8 Restrooms: Minimum 56 x 60" clearance space for toilet
9 Restrooms: Grab bars
10 Braille or raised letter signage
0 None of the above

Big Medium Team

Shea Little — Executive Director

Tiffany L. Coghill — Director of Operations and Finance

Hannah Packard — Director of Development

Jordan Gentry — Director of Programming

Jenna Carrens — Development Coordinator

Kevin McNamee-Tweed — Exhibitions and Studio Manager

Elise Powell — Volunteer Coordinator, Program Assistant

Stephanie Braddock — Advertising

Berkeley Beauchot — Program Assistant

Estefania Marquez — Graphic Design

Stephanie Braddock — Advertising

Karina Pagano — Website/Mobile Development

Joseph Pagano — Website/Mobile Development

Alexa Star Johnson — Development Intern

Isabel Browne — Design Intern

Alexa Star Johnson — Development Intern

Board of Directors

Keith Kreeger — President

Shea Little — Ex Offcio

Jon Lawrence

Mirna Maddox

Joseph Phillips

Chelsea Sun

Jana Swec

All works represented in this site were reproduced with expressed permission from the artists. All text and images are copyrighted by each individual artist.

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