23. WEST Expressive

Oils on canvas, acrylics and paper on canvas, silkscreen and lithograph prints, mixed media on paper, giclèe prints

West Expressive 2018 is Evan Hyde, Jennifer Pate and Peggy Lee showing intuitive, surreal and new narrative paintings, prints and collages. Preview a figurative oil painting series in progress; oil paint, mediums, tools, sketches and reference materials on display; studio artist will be available to talk about the project and work on a painting as time permits.

Exhibition • Peggy Lee Oster Studio

3431 North Hills Dr Bldg A, Unit 101




At This Location

  • 24. Evan Hyde

    Paper, ink and acrylic

    Exhibition • Peggy Lee Oster Studio

    3431 North Hills Dr, Bldg A, Unit 101

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