30. Kristine Shafer

Art glass, recycled glass, wood, metal

I find myself in glass, from the sheer enjoyment of cutting, breaking, and melting it to the science that defines it. Through it, I see the world reflected, filtered, and transformed. Within it, I experience feelings and abstract thoughts. Be it new or reclaimed, I use glass to explore the world and my own capabilities.

Artist Studio • Blue Art House

6204 Laird Dr




At This Location

  • 31. J Pattison

    Solid 14k gold, sterling silver, leather, silver, gold

    Artist Studio • Blue Art House

    6204 Laird Dr

  • 32. Charles Helton

    Canvas, oil, acrylic, fireworks, metal

    Guest of Kristine Shafer

    6204 Laird Dr

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