Artist Studio

34. Johnnie Sielbeck — Guest of Kristie Zamrazil

Oil on canvas and panel

Painting the figure, a portrait, a scene – celebrating the people and the world around me.

1819 Piedmont Ave – (512) 295-2795


At This Location

  • 29. Kristie Zamrazil — FullMoon/YellowHouse

    Oil on canvas

    1819 Piedmont Ave

  • 30. Monte Rhodes — Guest of Kristie Zamrazil

    Sterling silver, semi-precious stones, copper, brass

    1819 Piedmont Ave

  • 31. Winston Hicks — Guest of Kristie Zamrazil

    Digital photography

    1819 Piedmont Ave

  • 32. Bill Jeffers — Guest of Kristie Zamrazil

    Hand-carved stone sculpture

    1819 Piedmont Ave

  • 33. Efrain Arvelo — Guest of Kristie Zamrazil

    Metal, wood, glass, rocks

    1819 Piedmont Ave

    WEST Weekends, 11am-5pm

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