Artist Studio

121. Zoe Trautz

Chalk pastel, magic marker, colored graphite, oil and watercolor on paper

My work is informed by my education in biology, neurobiology and psychology, and my experiences with femininity and mental illness. I'm influenced by surrealism, nature, outsider art, pop culture, kitsch and psychedelic art. Some artists I'm inspired by are M. C. Escher, Salvador Dali, Fiona Apple, Frida Kahlo, Daniel Johnston and Jim Woodring.

May 20, 9am-9pm

4612 Caswell Ave, Unit A – (512) 968-6096



At This Location

  • 122. John Le — Guest of Zoe Trautz

    Acrylic on found materials

    4612 Caswell Ave, Unit A

    May 20, 9am-9pm

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