Temporary Exhibition

149. Pehr Smith — E-12 Collaborative

Mixed media drawings, collages on paper and canvas

A painting begins where words falter. Through painting, the density of spoken discernments can be penetrated and one can proceed to explore a universe of infinite interrelationships."To ride a horse is to ride the sky."(unknown)

1703 Woodlawn Blvd – (512) 623-9059




At This Location

  • 147. E12 Collaborative

    Photography, glass, oil and acrylic on canvas, music, video/film , ceramics, jewelry, furniture

    1703 Woodlawn Blvd

  • 148. Greg Guadagnoli — Vento Bello Glass Studio — E-12 Collaborative

    Kilnformed glass, stone, metal

    1703 Woodlawn Blvd

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