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162. Lisa Wright — Guest of Carol Hayman

Oil and acrylic on canvas, pastel on paper and board, watercolor on paper

As a commercial illustrator, I have been trained in a variety of mediums. I find that the boldness of acrylic paint feeds my flight of fantasy, the flow of oil paint colors my inspirations, and pastels color my dreams. I always strive to put a little of the fantastical within my artistic practice.

1001 Eason St – (512) 477-1762


At This Location

  • 160. Carol Hayman

    Photo intaglio prints

    1001 Eason St

  • 161. Barbara Timko — Guest of Carol Hayman

    Washes and markers on cloth

    1001 Eason St

  • 163. Theresa Bond — Guest of Carol Hayman

    Printmaking (etching and relief), acrylic on canvas, and mixed media assemblage

    1001 Eason St

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