163. Carol Hayman

Photo intaglio prints on arches bfk reves paper and bark paper, charbonell ink

In the desert, water is precious. Waterbirds carried Earthmother down to the sea and set her on the back of a turtle, which became her home, with Turtlewoman. Earthmother filled the earth, watered by springs, with humans, animals, and plants, which humans must nurture and maintain. Humans are here, but shadows of the spirits are still here too, always watching.

Artist Studio

1001 Eason St




At This Location

  • 164. Lisa Wright

    Acrylics, oils, watercolor, pastels

    Guest of Carol Hayman

    1001 Eason St

  • 165. Barbara Timko

    Terracotta pencils, washes, and markers on paper and cloth

    Guest of Carol Hayman

    1001 Eason St

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