165. Barbara Timko

Terracotta pencils, washes, and markers on paper and cloth

The swirling waters of my night dreams is a place where I discover powerful images of adventures with my animal companion. The images are fleshed out with terracotta pencils, washes, and markers. The muted colors capture the reality of my inner world. The negative space serves as a gateway to a meditative space for the enjoyment of the viewer.

Guest of Carol Hayman

1001 Eason St




At This Location

  • 163. Carol Hayman

    Photo intaglio prints on arches bfk reves paper and bark paper, charbonell ink

    Artist Studio

    1001 Eason St

  • 164. Lisa Wright

    Acrylics, oils, watercolor, pastels

    Guest of Carol Hayman

    1001 Eason St

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