Artist Studio

212. Valentina Dorsa — Guest of Avery Orendorf

Paint on canvas and wood

sel•fie (n.) a photograph taken of oneself, typically with a smartphone and shared via social media. Using "selfies" as inspiration, I've explored my body, as a woman and mother, during a period of transition. The ephemeral snapshot is slowed down by transforming the image into paint.

707 W Live Oak St – (512) 568-7586



At This Location

  • 209. Avery Orendorf — Southside Gaiety Hall Artists Co-op

    Acrylic and latex murals, hand-painted furniture, pen and ink illustrations

    707 W Live Oak St

  • 210. Dréa Peters — Guest of Avery Orendorf

    Fiber, wood, copper, brass, plants

    707 W Live Oak St

  • 211. Roxanne Rathge — Guest of Avery Orendorf


    707 W Live Oak St

  • 213. Soo Lee — Guest of Avery Orendorf


    707 W Live Oak St

  • 214. Julie Pelaez — Guest of Avery Orendorf

    Alcohol ink, rubbing alcohol

    707 W Live Oak St

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