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213. Soo Lee — Guest of Avery Orendorf


Clay is the Great Humbler. So, I am continuing my never-ending study of working with it on the wheel and with hand building for functional pots. Each one of my pots' form and surface design is carefully considered where most result as one-of-a-kind pieces with a clean and modern aesthetic.

707 W Live Oak St



At This Location

  • 209. Avery Orendorf — Southside Gaiety Hall Artists Co-op

    Acrylic and latex murals, hand-painted furniture, pen and ink illustrations

    707 W Live Oak St

  • 210. Dréa Peters — Guest of Avery Orendorf

    Fiber, wood, copper, brass, plants

    707 W Live Oak St

  • 211. Roxanne Rathge — Guest of Avery Orendorf


    707 W Live Oak St

  • 212. Valentina Dorsa — Guest of Avery Orendorf

    Paint on canvas and wood

    707 W Live Oak St

  • 214. Julie Pelaez — Guest of Avery Orendorf

    Alcohol ink, rubbing alcohol

    707 W Live Oak St

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