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224. Deborah Main — Deborah Main Designs

Vintage textiles, fur, french trim, wood, chains, jewelry

With the pillow form as my canvas I repurpose vintage fabric, French trim, and jewelry into textile art. Discovering rare materials filled with color, texture and history are at the heart of my inspiration and heirloom-quality creations. Each allows the viewer to experience everyday items in fashion and the home reinterpreted into fresh contemporary artwork, telling its own unique story.

1906 Collier St – (512) 447-9807



At This Location

  • 225. Annie Darling — Guest of Deborah Main

    Encaustic, mixed media

    1906 Collier St

  • 226. Denise Jaunsem — Guest of Deborah Main

    Acrylic on canvas and panel

    1906 Collier St

  • 227. Judith Simonds — Guest of Deborah Main

    Ceramic, black glaze

    1906 Collier St

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