Artist Studio

262. Camille Carpenter — CC Studio — Thornton Road Studios

Metallic, wood, canvas, acrylic, plasters

CC Studio specializes in artistic finishes in residential and commercial walls. The finishes are made up of various types of mediums and objects to create the desired outcome. The art displayed is a mixture of all techniques and textures while maintaining a minimalist approach. Materials used vary from metallic, wood, lime plaster, canvas, and acrylics.

2311 Thornton Rd, Studio L – (512) 516-0170



At This Location

  • 259. Creative Side Metal Works — Thornton Road Studios

    Metal, steel, copper, silver

    2311 Thornton Rd, Studio Q

  • 260. Jon Chamberlain — JFC Studios


    2311 Thornton Rd, Studio D

  • 261. Jessica Burnett — Guest of Jon Chamberlain

    Acrylic on canvas, giclée print on fine art paper

    2311 Thornton Rd, Studio D

  • 263. Erica Wildman — E Wildman Gallery — Thornton Road Studios

    Acrylic, ink, glass beads, plaster and resin on canvas

    2311 Thronton Rd, Studio J

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