Artist Studio

270. Jon Eric Narum — Guest of Melissa Grimes

Oil on canvas and paper

I'm happy to be exhibiting in the home of Melissa Grimes this year. I will be presenting an assortment of oil paintings, including Hercules da Vinci's psychomatic Napkin Abstract oil paintings. And new this year, Juan Diego Nerumski will be exhibiting his most recent oil on canvas works created in collaboration with Hercules da Vinci.

901 Cumberland Rd


At This Location

  • 269. Melissa Grimes

    Oil and acrylic, porcelain, found objects, collage, silkscreen, watercolor, ink

    901 Cumberland Rd

  • 271. Scout Stormcloud — Guest of Melissa Grimes

    Oil on canvas

    901 Cumberland Rd

  • 272. Cass Hook — Guest of Melissa Grimes

    Bronze, clay, pastel, graphite, acrylic

    901 Cumberland Rd

    WEST Weekends, 10am-5pm

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