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274. Kiley Grantges — Guest of Saul Jerome San Juan

Mixed media

I have been creating small scale illustrations and large scale works for over fifteen years wherein I find my deepest aesthetic inspiration within the work of interior and textile designers. My mixed media pieces are composed in such a way as to gently highlight the structure of the work.

2606 Wilson St, #502 – (512) 670-6997



At This Location

  • 273. Saul Jerome San Juan

    Oil and acrylic on claybord and canvas

    2606 Wilson St, #502

  • 275. Jennifer Schroeder — Guest of Saul Jerome San Juan

    Mixed media

    2606 Wilson St, #502

  • 276. Lucian Richards — Guest of Saul Jerome San Juan

    Acrylic on canvas

    2606 Wilson St, #502

  • 277. Pamela Sanchez


    2606 Wilson St, #1401

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