Artist Studio

275. Jennifer Schroeder — Guest of Saul Jerome San Juan

Mixed media

I love to merge my identity as an art teacher and an artist. I use materials that would normally be tossed in the art classroom as the media for my work. The tools used by hundreds of children to create art become art.

2606 Wilson St, #502 – (512) 680-5366


At This Location

  • 273. Saul Jerome San Juan

    Oil and acrylic on claybord and canvas

    2606 Wilson St, #502

  • 274. Kiley Grantges — Guest of Saul Jerome San Juan

    Mixed media

    2606 Wilson St, #502

  • 276. Lucian Richards — Guest of Saul Jerome San Juan

    Acrylic on canvas

    2606 Wilson St, #502

  • 277. Pamela Sanchez


    2606 Wilson St, #1401

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