301. Melissa Grimes

Oil, collage, porcelain, found objects, watercolor, pen & ink, acrylics

My studio is in an 1889 Victorian home. We'll have 5 rooms full of art and sculpture. I'm working on a continuing series of large swimmer paintings in oil, smaller oil figure studies and some colorful abstracts. For fun I create ceramic sculpture creatures made with found objects. You'll find matted drawings, watercolors and silkscreen prints here as well!

Artist Studio

901 Cumberland Rd



At This Location

  • 302. Scout Stormcloud

    Oil on canvas

    Guest of Melissa Grimes

    901 Cumberland Rd

  • 303. Cass Hook

    Clay, bronze, acrylic, graphite and pastels

    Guest of Melissa Grimes

    901 Cumberland Rd

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