317. Digital Den

Interactive video, virtual reality, projection mapping, photogrammetry, clay, dome, metal

Art and technology collective convert their studios into a digital template to navigate the human condition through the work of an interactive video artist, projection mapping sculptor, optical designer, experimental architect, robotics teacher and biomimicry sculptor. Artists include Do_da_visuals, freeverbs, EnderMartos, Ani.works, AmyHoaglandstudio, and Sandy Miller.

1118 Azie Morton Rd, C

(631) 678-7380 / create@freeverbs.com / freeverbs.com



FreeVerbs, Clay and Light, 2018, Projection mapping installation, Dimensions variable

Dom Davis, Two Mirror Video Manipulation , 9 x 16"

Fragility of time , 2018, Glass, 24 x 24"

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