Pit Stops

Get Involved in the West Austin Studio Tour as a Pit Stop!

West Pit Stops are local restaurants and bars that Big Medium promotes to tour-goers during West weekends. Pit Stops are located within West boundaries and have committed to supporting Big Medium with a donation of 10-20% of sales during West weekends. Pit Stops are encouraged to feature an artist during West weekends. Featured artists will have their name and website listed on the West website.


With over 20,000 tour-goers venturing through 300 creative spaces, West Pit Stops are expected to see an increase in business during West weekends.

  • Promotion on Big Medium social media (over 11,000 followers)
  • Business name and location listed on West website (over 20,000 visitors)
  • Official West sign to drive traffic to business
  • Listing on West map
  • Directly support Austin’s artists and the contemporary arts community by providing vital funds that keep West programming free and accessible to the public.

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